The Mt. Baker Ridge Home

This home was selected "home of the year" in AIA judging. The home was crafted on a tight remaining lot, above Lake Washington, with views to the east. The entire roof of this home is a deck with a unique "monitor" for walk up access. The deck features pot gardening, sunbathing, and fabulous views of Seafair activities. The home uses color to distinguish itself and brighten the neighborhood. Large, tall sliding "barn doors" open the two story dining area to a private, sunny courtyard. A bridge passes over the dining area and joins the adult and children's wing. Wide shallow stairs lead to the dining area to provide an "amphitheater" for the children's productions. Color throughout the interior, including custom kitchen and dining room cabinets washing with pale green and pumpkin stain chase away winter gray periods. A Subzero refrigerator clad with galvanized sheet metal, sheet metal counters rimmed with maple, and upper cabinet "cubbies" rimmed with aluminum "U" channel, set fun commerical/utilitarian feel that is easy to live with and easy on the budget. Floors are bamboo or polished concrete with stainless steel grids set to make the work appear as terrazzo. Cheating, but effective. A fun project.

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